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Trigger Finger Syndrome

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Have you ever felt there must be an alternative to surgery?

In my case, it was a matter of conversing with a surgeon about trigger finger syndrome. I had been bothered by the condition for about two years.

My thumbs, forefingers, and middle fingers of both hands were operating as mechanical appendages with painful, jerky closings that would, on occasion, require use of the one hand to release the closed position of the other. It was the least painful method of releasing the fingers to a naturally open position, gradually, rather than the painful snapping open that would take place.

To begin dealing with this condition, my general practitioner prescribed ibuprofen which had little effect in reducing the condition. As a result, I was then prescribed Naproxen. My body did not accept this medication and its side effects of ringing in my ears and stomach upset. My GP referred me to a hand surgeon.

He examined my hands and explained that this was a very common condition with persons who used their hand mainly in an occupation where constant grasping was required. He recommended that I have a surgical procedure of both hands spaced six months apart and to change my occupation, if possible.

When I inquired about a possible recurrence of the condition, he replied, "yes." I was also concerned with the scarring.

I spoke with my daughter about acupuncture and asked if the treatment could alleviate my condition. She told me about natural healing and how acupuncture helps urge one's body to respond and heal maladies within oneself.

I was treated for trigger finger syndrome in the year 2000 and after only 10 sessions of acupuncture, I am symptom free to this day in October of 2005 of the debilitating effects of that condition. I had given acupuncture a try as an alternative method of treatment that left me free of side effects and scarring posed by drugs and surgery. I am certainly the healthier for it.

-- John Bernazani Sr.

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