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Natural Treatment of Skin Conditions

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Acupuncture is a simple, direct, natural modality for effectively treating a variety of skin conditions. Acupuncture balances, clears inflammation and toxins, and promotes circulation. Over time, skin condition improves. Being the outermost organ of elimination, skin conditions can take longer to resolve. However, many clients see an immediate significant improvement within a few visits. Treatment with acupuncture is cumulative. Typically several sessions are needed to restore balance and health to the complexion.SM

I went to see Lisa 3x during a 10 day visit to Cambridge: I am suffering from a long-term autoimmune issue (topical steroid withdrawal, or TSW), which manifests itself as spreading, chronic eczema. This one week of treatment gave me the best, clearest skin I have had in the past two years. It was so effective that I am making plans to come back for a 3 week visit in order to get more treatment from Lisa & hope that with more time she can tackle some of the fundamental imbalances and get a more long lasting result.
-- 2016

I came to Lisa feeling neutral (almost skeptical) about acupuncture and its benefits. I have been under treatment for various inflammatory skin issues for 4 years by a dermatologist and recently had a very bad flare up. Western medicine put me through 2 rounds of strong oral steroids, which failed to eliminate the flare up completely and permanently. My dermatologist is great, but did not have anything further to offer me beyond topical steroids, which I started to not tolerate at all.

I did not feel anything change after the first appointment, but over the next 3 weeks, I felt changes during my appointments and I started to improve slowly. The immediate symptoms of the flare up started to clear up. My other chronic skin issues also improved (practically eliminated). I continued to see Lisa for 4 weeks and feel so much better overall.

Even though I am Chinese ('American Born'), it took this experience for me to understand that acupuncture works! Lisa delivers in a friendly, caring way - I feel that she really wants to help you feel better in a lasting, whole body, from the 'inside-out' kind of way. I also really like how she treats mainly with acupuncture and not with herbs. I've tried Chinese Herbal Medicine before and it takes dedication because of the preparation, unpleasant taste and cost, not to mention potential allergic reactions for someone like me who is prone to allergies.

-- 2015

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