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I started suffering from sinusitis about three years ago. I had not sought out extensive treatment, until I finally decided to tackle the sinusitis once and for all.

In 2005, I called Lisa and began a dedicated treatment plan. I was interested in alleviating the immediate symptoms, but I also wanted to achieve more permanent relief. To do this, Lisa had to treat the symptoms, as well as any "stuff" that was going on in my entire system.

After only a few sessions, I began to feel relief from the miscellaneous sinus-related symptoms, which I had previously accepted as nuisances that I would just have to deal with. As my treatment continued, the frequency of symptoms lessened. Now, I experience very few episodes of headaches, post nasal drip, nausea, and other things associated with my sinusitis.

Along the way, I've learned the reasons why a certain organ might be a little deficient or having more sensitivity. I've also learned a few things that I can do to help myself stay free of sinus trouble-- what I eat and drink, things in my immediate environment, and other factors. I've discovered how intuitive Lisa is; she's given me so many insights that have helped my well-being, both physical and emotional.

As for the sinusitis, I feel so much better than a year ago. I have not found anything more effective than acupuncture. Lisa is a wonderful and very skilled acupuncturist.

-- Mary A. Carney, LCMT

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