Prenatal & Postpartum Acupuncture

Lisa is a pioneer in the use of acupuncture to treat pregnancy-related conditions. In 1998 she began specializing in this area. The results of her work have helped to raise awareness and promote acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine as safe and effective therapies for many pregnancy-related conditions.

Headaches, labor induction, sinus/ear infection: Excellent, effective, intuitive help when you need it. I have been to see Lisa for 3 separate situations. In all three cases, she was caring, professional, and her treatments worked.

I first went to see Lisa several years ago when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and a full-time graduate student. I started to have headaches and was extremely exhausted all of the time. I wanted to avoid taking medication. After just two treatments my symptoms improved. After four treatments, they were completely gone and I was able to finish my semester.

At the end of my pregnancy I was past my due date and was told by my doctor that I needed to induce labor. I went to see Lisa for just one treatment to help bring labor on. That same night I went into labor and was able to deliver safely without any medical interventions.

The past year I suffered from extreme allergies, which lead to a sinus/ear infection. I went to see Lisa for 5 treatments which relieved my ear pain and all of my allergy symptoms.

I wholeheartedly recommend Middle Path Acupuncture. Unlike other acupuncture centers, she does not prescribe on-going treatments, rather she finds a way to help you in just a few treatments. Lisa is a master of her craft and a rare find.

Stephanie, 2014

Breech birth & placenta previa: I went to see Lisa at 34 weeks in my pregnancy with a breech baby and complete placenta previa. Within 2 weeks/4 sessions, we were able to turn the baby and move the placenta so that I can now carry to full term and not have the high risk c-section that we were expecting.

I immediately knew I was in the right place and felt significantly better in my body after the first session. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.

JM, 2017

Mastitis: Six weeks after I began breastfeeding my first baby I developed clogged milk ducts which eventually developed into a painful mastitis infection. Even after taking antibiotics, I could not unclog the milk ducts that caused the infection and my baby and I were having a very difficult time - I even considered stopping breastfeeding.

After two acupuncture sessions with Lisa, the ducts had completely cleared and I was able to feed my son with ease.

I am so thankful for Lisa’s expertise, wisdom and kindness and for bringing back my ability to breastfeed my baby.

Anonymous 2019

Sciatica, hip, and low back pain: I started seeing Lisa early in third trimester of pregnancy. I had been battling severe sciatica, hip, and lower back pain. I had previously sought relief through massage and physical therapy, but to no avail. I found myself unable to go for walks or sleep and sit comfortably. After one treatment from Lisa, I noticed an immediate difference in the way I felt. The next day I saddled up my dogs and went for an epic walk around Cambridge with no pain!

I’ve returned to Lisa three more times since then. Her work has resolved a variety of other symptoms that I previously thought were untreatable: digestive issues, shortness of breath, and stress/anxiety. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.

Heather, 2015

Hemorrhoids: No one wants to admit they have a hemorrhoid, or even talk about hemorrhoids, but it's incredibly common postpartum. When I started suffering after delivering my son, I was desperate for any relief.

I had turned to Lisa during a prior pregnancy for a back injury (with amazing results!), and it occurred to me she might able to help with this delicate issue, too.

After just one treatment I noted significant improvement, and after a follow-up, I was back to my usual self.

If you are suffering in silence or embarrassment, please don't hesitate to bring Lisa into your circle of trust for swift and compassionate healing.

Melissa, 2019

Hyperemesis, insomnia, hip pain: I started seeing Lisa in 2004 for anxiety. When I got pregnant, I went for treatment again. My first trimester was incredibly difficult. I had issues with hyperemesis. After only 2 sessions of acupuncture my symptoms were mostly diminished. Lisa also treated me for insomnia and pain during both of my pregnancies. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone pregnant or not.

Jen I, 2006

Back pain, Illness: I initially sought treatment from Lisa Bernazani for pregnancy-related back pain. I was pleased to receive immediate and continuing relief from this pain, which was a surprise to me given that I had experienced chronic and acute sciatic nerve pain for over 13 years.

During my third trimester of pregnancy, I became very ill with a virus and Lisa’s treatments and nutritional guidance allowed me to gain the strength and balance I needed to fight the virus and regain the weight I had lost. Her expertise provided me with the hope I needed during one of the most challenging times in my life.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the care I have received at Middle Path Acupuncture.

Kris, 2005

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