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Pain Conditions: Pinched Nerve

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Pinched nerve: upper neck

I had a severe pinched nerve in my upper neck area (C4,C5 & T1) causing my ring and pinky finger to go numb. I went to MGH in Boston to see a back specialist. His treatment for this was for an epidural cortisone shot. He stated that I would feel 85 to 90% better but would not re-gain my feeling in my fingers.

Being a person who does not like prescription drugs or medical procedures that are not 100% healing, I wanted to try a different avenue. I have used Lisa's treatment in the past for poison ivy and had great results. This time she looked at my situation and stated that the real problem was in my lower back. After 4 treatments the muscles loosened up and corrected the problem. I'm happy to say that I have 100% feeling in my fingers, I'm back to playing ice hockey with no ill effects.

Lisa's office is quaint and very clean. A very relaxing atsmophere. Highly recommended.

-- John, January, 2012

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