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Natural Treatment of Trigger Finger

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It's been my experience that the condition of "trigger finger" is the most unique and individualized of pain conditions. "Trigger finger" is simply the end result of other/another imbalance. To effectively eliminate the condition, the original problem/s must be corrected. The condition then resolves itself naturally. In my clinical experience, I observe the condition of trigger finger generally requires a longer course of treatment than most other conditions.

What is "trigger finger"?

Trigger finger is a condition where the fingers "lock" or "catch" when bent.

Western medicine cites the cause of trigger finger as inflammation of the tendons in the fingers and the hand, which are responsible for straightening the fingers. Tendons "glide" through the tissue that covers it (sheath). When the tendon becomes inflamed and swollen, the act of bending the finger or thumb can pull the inflamed tendon through a narrow sheath, making it snap or pop.

"Have you ever felt there must be an alternative to surgery? In my case, it was a matter of conversing with a surgeon about trigger finger syndrome. I had been bothered by the condition for about two years. My GP referred me to a hand surgeon.

I was treated for trigger finger syndrome in the year 2000 and after only 10 sessions of acupuncture, I am symptom free to this day in October of 2005 of the debilitating effects of that condition. I had given acupuncture a try as an alternative method of treatment that left me free of side effects and scarring posed by drugs and surgery. I am certainly the healthier for it."
-- 2004

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