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Low Libido

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I suffered from a low libido resulting in erectile dysfunction due to an imbalance of my hormone levels. I had seen an urologist who prescribed Clomiphene Citrate and then some testosterone replacement cream as well as injections. I had been taking these for about 6 months with little results.

After 6 months of treatment with prescription medication I began to see Lisa for acupuncture treatment. I noticed a difference right away. With the acupuncture treatment, my libido started to return to normal and a few months later my hormone levels were tested and they had returned to normal. The results were significant. I had seen little change with the injections and the medications. With the acupuncture I not only saw results in my hormone levels, I physically felt better within a couple of months of treatment.

I am now healthy and back on track and do periodic follow-ups with Lisa. I would highly recommend this course of treatment for anyone suffering from libido issues. My life is back on track and I am now the proud father of a new born son! I strongly feel this was all the result of my acupuncture treatment with Lisa.

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