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I am a singer by profession and developed laryngitis that would not go away even with rest. I saw a ENT specialist who diagnosed me with vocal chord nodules probably caused by acid from my stomach going into my throat. I was given a medication (protonix) to shut down the acid pumps and put on a strict diet (no dairy, chocolate, coffee, fried, spicy foods or eggs). I also started speech therapy to learn how to use my voice more appropriately and effectively. While all these interventions did help somewhat, 2 months later I still found my voice was still problematic and I could not do my full schedule of shows.

I then went back to see Lisa Bernazani, who a few years back had cured me completely of recurrent sinus infections. I started a course of acupuncture treatment twice a week. After about 1 month of treatment my voice was back to full swing, and when the ENT doctor took another look at my vocal chords he found the nodules were shrinking and the acid in my throat was reduced. I am going to continue with the acupuncture as I truly believe it is playing a significant role in my recovery. In 2 more months the ENT doctor will look at my vocal chords again. Meanwhile, I am thrilled to be singing again!

Thank you to Lisa!

-- DD, MA

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