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I have been seeing Lisa for a few years and she is amazing. She has cleared up many aches and pains I have gotten from working out but what made me write this review was the hernia she cleared up for me in three visits. I thought I was in for surgery for sure, but she was able to reduce the swelling and protrusion and now I am back in action. Thanks Lisa!

-- William, 1/8/12

The following is my testimonial about the efficacy of acupuncture in treating my ventral hernia.

One year after having gallbladder surgery, I began to notice what felt like a pulled muscle on my left side. It ached constantly for several weeks, but I thought it was just a pulled muscle until I noticed a prominent bulge on the left side of my navel to the healed gallbladder incision. I monitored the bulge for the next several weeks, suspecting that it was a hernia, but hoping that it was not.

The bulge would get more prominent as they day went on and the sensation of pulling and aching would be more pronounced where the bulging was. I noticed I also felt very fatigued during this time period.

I had a routine appointment with my primary care physician, at which time she confirmed it was indeed a hernia. She referred me to a surgeon who told me there was no cure and it would only get bigger if it was not surgically corrected.

I booked surgery out of fear, but told my acupuncturist, Lisa Bernazani, about it before the scheduled date. She explained that she thought she could help me and although I was skeptical at first, I agreed to hold off on the surgery while she was treating my hernia.

I am very pleased to report that my hernia has been completely stable for almost one year without surgery. It no longer aches, and I do not feel the overwhelming fatigue that I did initially. It still bulges by the end of the day, but nowhere near as much as it used to and not at all at other times. I have been able to lift, swim, kayak and work without any difficulty at all related to the hernia. I am thrilled I did not need to undergo another debilitating surgery.

-- Patricia A. Brennan, RN

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