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Natural Treatment of Stress

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Chinese medicine recognizes that physical, mental, and emotional stressors cause imbalances that lead to almost all health problems. Acupuncture balances the system. When there is balance, illness is reduced and clears over time. Treatment with acupuncture is cumulative. Several sessions may be needed to regain balance and prevent a problem from recurring.SM

I came to Lisa after desperately seeking for help for my son. He was diagnosed with clinical depression after his first semester at MIT. Four semesters later, his depression got worse, resulting in failing grades.

Coming from sunny California, adapting to the harsh Boston weather and the stressful lifestyle of MIT was extremely difficult for my son, and on top of everything else he suffered from frequent acute abdominal pains. When we first came to see Lisa, she immediately recommended a treatment plan, and most wonderful of all, she said, "YES, I CAN HELP!"

After two weeks -- four treatments -- my son was radiant, full of energy and a had a renewed desire to continue working hard to succeed at MIT. He followed through with his 3 month course of treatment, with weekly acupuncture sessions.

My son just finished his fifth semester at MIT with a 3.7 GPA and not one abdominal pain during the entire semester! Lisa's expertise in acupuncture techniques is superb, and her passion to help people is incredible! Thanks a million, Lisa!

Acupuncture with Lisa Bernazani has been wonderful! I felt better in the very first visit! Throughout 6 visits, my stress decreased, I started sleeping better and I had more energy. This is is the second time I've done acupuncture in my life and it's wonderful. It's like hitting the reset button from the inside out. Lisa is excellent! She made me feel so comfortable (I even fell asleep during one of my visits!) and she is very professional.

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