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Chinese medicine recognizes that pain conditions are caused by either one or a combination of imbalances. All of the imbalances must be cleared in order to fully resolve the problem. Pain conditions caused by injuries are also effectively treated and healed with Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture treats pain conditions safely, inexpensively, and usually very effectively. Most people feel immediate relief after just one session. Treatment with acupuncture is cumulative. Typically several sessions are needed to regain balance and prevent the problem from recurring.SM

Lisa has treated, and FIXED, many "chronic" medical problems for me over the past 3-4 years - all of which Western medical practice had failed to even slightly improve. I'm an engineer and I believe the human body is far too complex for any one drug to fix a given problem. People are unique, and Lisa makes it her job to understand how your body is working and then (in my view) gives your own body direction on how to resolve problems. Her attention to your needs is amazing - and she will absolutely dedicate herself to helping you. I expect, much like me, you will be utterly amazed at how effective her methods are, and I encourage everyone to give her (and methods like acupuncture in general) a chance. They may sound strange, but they have evolved over thousands of years of experience - and that is a powerful reason to try it!     --2014

I started going to Exhale Spa (Battery Wharf) because Lisa Bernazani, my acupuncturist whom I had previously seen in her private office in Porter Square for a major illness, started seeing people two days a week at the Battery Wharf location which is much more conveniently located to my home. Lisa is an acupuncturist with total command of Eastern and Western medicine and an uncanny sixth sense to know exactly what is going on in your body and your mind. Lisa's many years of martial arts training gives her an even greater insight into Eastern philosophy and the mind-body connection. I have had treatments where I have felt as if I had an injection of pain medicine due to her amazing ability to place the needles in just the right places. I highly recommend Lisa for whatever ailment or illness you have or just for relaxation and regular "tune-up".     --2014

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