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Testimonials: Client Reviews

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Women's Health

Cystitis (Bladder Inflammation): ... Within a few weeks of treatment, I had complete relief. ...

Hormonal Balance: ... I noticed changes after the first couple of sessions and they only continue to get better.

Osteopenia: ... I have had a bone density scan almost every year and below you will see the results of the last 5 years ... I believe the numbers speak for themselves ...

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Fertility, IVF

Infertility, IVF & PCOS: ... I am recommending acupuncture to all my friends going through IVF.

Male, Low Libido: ... my libido started to return to normal and a few months later my hormone levels were tested and they had returned to normal ...

Failed IVF Turnaround: The rapid improvement in my cycle, the seemingly miraculous turn around in egg quality, and the positive outcome we have been blessed with are all highly attributable to Lisa's enduring acupuncture practice.

Pregnancy-Related Conditions

Rib & Back Pain: ... she continued to diagnose the problems, including that my hips were uneven, my baby tilted, and there just wasn't room. ...

Pregnancy & Labor Induction: ... Within hours of my second visit with Lisa, my water broke and my husband and I were off to the hospital ...

Back Pain & Other Issues: ... What I loved was that Lisa looked at the whole person and so much of my life needed altering. ...

Pregnancy: ... I became a client of Lisa during my pregnancy for back pain and stress. My back pain was so bad I was not able to stand, walk or sit.

Neck Pain & Headaches: ... Not only did I rarely have a headache, but I felt balanced and strong throughout my entire pregnancy ...

Morning Sickness: ... By the end of my third (of four) visits, my nausea was almost completely gone.

Breech Presentation: ...I had a doctor's appointment three days later, hours before my next acupuncture session, and to my surprise and excitement, the baby had turned!

Total Placenta Previa: ...When I went in for my 28 week follow-up ultrasound, I was relieved and ecstatic to learn my placenta had moved out of the way

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