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Pain Conditions

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Ringing Ears: Within one visit I began to see a difference. After the second visit my ear was back to normal, which was a tremendous relief.

Hip Pain: ... pain was significantly reduced, I had a bit more range of motion and I was able to do every physical task demanded during the race.

Rib Pain: 6 session treatment (Exhale Spa Battery Wharf) for some bruised ribs ( immediate relief!) and sleep, anxiety and focus tasks.

Hand Nerve Damage: After the 4 sessions I had with Lisa, my injury has subsided and I am back to my normal practice and performance routine.

Pinched Nerve, Upper Neck: ... I'm happy to say that I have 100% feeling in my fingers, I'm back to playing ice hockey with no ill effects.

Neck Pain: ... 3 visits is all it took for me to feel 95% me again.

Back Pain, Sciatica & Arthritis: ... Within one visit I had huge relief and was again able to sleep at night. ..

Jaw Pain: ...After my second treatment the next week, all my pain was completely gone. "

Sciatica: ... Six treatments later, my pain is completely gone without ever taking medications.

Back Injury: ... I now have less pain and stiffness and I rarely have problems standing.

Low Back Pain: ... I am a nurse and worked with the elderly. The work required constant bending over ...

Chronic Knee Pain & Surgery: ...Little things like showers and doing laundry, felt like mountain climbing. ...

Shoulder Strain: ... Lisa Bernazani is an incredibly gifted practitioner. She combines a broad base of knowledge in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, with a highly attuned awareness of the individual and the body...

Frozen Shoulder: ... She proceeded to explain, however, that the condition had little to do with my shoulder! Instead, she detailed how a prior cardiac surgery ...

Trigger Finger Syndrome: ... after only 10 sessions of acupuncture, I am symptom free to this day ... of the debilitating effects of that condition...

Pain in Hand & Thumb ... Within a few treatments the pain in my hand was markedly improved ...

Repetitive Motion Pain: .. Lisa got me back playing guitar after an almost 1 year hiatus and has improved the quality of my working life exponentially.

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