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Male, Low Libido: ... my libido started to return to normal and a few months later my hormone levels were tested and they had returned to normal ...

Laryngitis/Singing: ... After about 1 month of treatment my voice was back to full swing ...

Intestinal Parasite: ... Lisa's needles boosted my immune system and the herbs with anti-biotic properties she prescribed worked to get me back to my usual energetic self.

Ventrial Hernia: hernia has been completely stable for almost one year ...

Skin Conditions: ... The immediate symptoms of the flare up started to clear up. My other chronic skin issues also improved (practically eliminated).

Digestive Issues and Stress: ...Since I can remember, I have always struggled with digestive issues. ...

Low Thyroid: ... I do not sweat as much, even on hot days. At night I'm less twitchy as I fall asleep. I'm definitely clearer in my thinking. Actually, I'm a bit surprised and think I haven't felt quite this balanced for years.

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