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Anxiety: ... I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, or anything else they would like to improve in their lives. I guarantee you will feel like a new person by the end!


Depression: ... My goal was to stop using antidepressant medication and to get rid of the side effect of that medication ...

Male, Low Libido: ... my libido started to return to normal and a few months later my hormone levels were tested and they had returned to normal ...

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Insomnia: ... The night of my second treatment I slept soundly and straight through the night which I havn't done in years ...


Grief, Emotional Cobwebs: ... She was instrumental in helping me clear out many long-standing emotional cobwebs, and to embrace this new phase of life as exactly where I belong ...

Depression, Anxiety, Stomach Trouble

Depression, Anxiety, Stomach Trouble: ... I came to Lisa after desperately seeking for help for my son. He was diagnosed with clinical depression ...

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