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About the Practitioner

  • 1998: Licensed by the MA Board of Registration in Medicine
  • 1998: Master's Degree, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, New England School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Trained in: Kiiko-style acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, TCM-style acupuncture)
  • 1996 – 2002: Student of Rene Navarro – Qi Gong, Internal arts
  • 1996 – 2004: Apprentice to Kiiko Matsumoto – Kiiko Lineage Acupuncture
  • 2002 – Present: Student of Sifu Stan Jue – Wing Chun Kung Fu, Continuous sparring & More


Chinese medicine has a very long history. It is not a trend. It is an art. To a degree, it can be measured by science, but not fully. It is based on the concept of balance and is innately holistic. Theory and practices within Chinese medicine are used to identify and resolve the root causes of imbalances that create physical, mental, and emotional illness, thus restoring health and well-being.SM

Lisa Bernazani, L.Ac.

Lisa Bernazani previously worked for a very successful technology start-up and changed her career of several years, after being treated with a course of acupuncture and experiencing the results firsthand. That was in 1993. Because of her faith in acupuncture, and after doing more research, she felt the West would quickly embrace the gift of the ancient Chinese culture as a legitimate healing modality. She was not exactly right. It took time. Gradually and continually, Chinese medicine gained momentum, despite many obstacles. That it has been accepted here and elsewhere is a testament to its integrity and its strength as an effective healing modality for many health problems, alone, and at times, in conjunction with Western scientific protocols.

Since 1998 Lisa Bernazani has assisted hundreds of people in reaching their goals, returning to good health, and maintaining the level of good health they’ve achieved. Ms. Bernazani uses a very simple, targeted approach, and treats conditions naturally, comprehensively, and very effectively. Most clients feel an immediate improvement after the first session.

In 1998 Lisa began specializing in treatment of pregnancy-related conditions, understanding that acupuncture alone could safely be used to resolve a variety of problems.

Ms. Bernazani is deeply thankful to her three teachers for their generosity, hard work, and the opportunity to learn from them. Each one is dedicated to lifelong learning, teaching, and helping others. They are: Rene Navarro (Qi Gong, Internal Arts), Kiiko Matsumoto (Kiiko-style/lineage acupuncture), and Stan Jue & parents (Kung Fu & More).

Ms. Bernazani is deeply appreciative of the Chinese culture and the ancient Chinese doctors, sages, and others. The work of all of these people is part of a long and enduring history that spans hundreds—perhaps thousands of years, in the development and continuation of a comprehensive medical system for the overall care and betterment of humanity. Even with advancements in science and technology, Chinese medicine will forever endure.SM

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